Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Shopping

While shopping at the outlets in Park City for a baby gift Colin saw this little onsie and thought it was so cute that we had to buy it for our baby.  Well I couldn't resist Colin telling me to buy something for our baby, how cute is that!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One Step Closer

It has been quite a while that any progress has been made toward IVF but I finally have some news. I was so happy when my menstrual cycle was 1 week early because it meant I could go and see my doctor that much earlier.
Yesterday I went in for my IVF appt. to get a map of my uterus, a trial transfer and be put on birth control. For some reason I was so nervous before the appt. because I thought it was going to be a lot worse then it really was. From the time the doctor began the ultrasound and trial transfer to the end was only about 10 minutes. During the trial transfer I felt a lot of discomfort and my uterus was cramping pretty bad from the pressure but it didn't last long. Thankfully Colin was there with me to remind me to breath, for some reason I kept holding my breath. It was very reassuring to have Doctor Gibson tell me how healthy my uterus and ovaries were. After Doctor Gibson was done he went to find out what Colin's FSH level was. He came back to tell us that his FSH level was excellent and that he was very confident that the testicular biopsy will go well. Then he prescribed me birth control. I asked if it would also help my acne, which he said it would. I am very happy to start the birth control to clear up my skin and because it means we are one step closer to doing a cycle of IVF. We told him that we are still waiting to hear back about our scholorship but as soon as we do, we are ready to start the medications and prepare for our first cycle. So here we are, we have done everything we have needed to in preparation for our IVF cycle and things are in place ready to go. Now we just wait some more. I understand that timing is not in my control and I have to exercise faith and trust that it will all happen exactly when it needs to.
As we shook Dct. Gibson's hand goodbye I felt a lump in my throat and tears swell up in my eyes. I tried to hold my tears back like a dam as he left the room but I know he saw. I couldn't help but feel such strong emotions as he reassured us that things looked great for both of us to successfully have a child that is part Colin and part me. How could you not have such strong feelings of joy and humility? I don't care how, I just care that we will one day be blessed to hold OUR baby in our arms.