Monday, August 31, 2009

potty, insomnia, hunger

Every night, without fail, I wake up around 3ish am to use the potty. Most of the time I can fall back asleep but sometimes I lay awake for an hour or two thinking. I am not usually thinking about anything all that important. For example, the other night I was thinking of what treats I am going to make to hand out to our neighbors this year for Christmas. Should it be cookies, toffee, carmels? How will I present it? I need to make cute name tags, maybe my brother can help me?

This morning I was thinking about the nursery and how I will decorate it if its our little boy verses our little girl, among other trivial things. Things like my grocery list, what I should make for dinner this week, Design Star last night etc. Then after an 1 1/2 hour of this my stomach dragged me up to put some food in it. Now here I am, 5 am, blogging about my insomnia. What has my life come to? At least I don't have to work today. And at least I have my faithful puppy who crept out from under our bed, followed me into the kitchen while I ate and is now sitting on top of my cold feet while I blog. Thankfully Colin is sleeping, since he does have to go to work today.

I am not sure if its being pregnant and super excited to find out what we are having and to have this baby in general but my mind is churning turbo speed lately. I am anxious to get my house in order, the nursery started, I have inspiring ideas for what goals I want to accomplish in the next few years etc. I am overwhelming myself to be honest. ADD? Pretty sure I don't have ADD, never have, but it sure feels like it these days. I suppose its that our lives are changing so I am a little unsettled or something.

Anyway, bad news. My ultrasound is not until Sept 9th, a week from this Wednesday. It was supposed to be this week but because my doctor is only in clinic on Wed. and I have to work this Wed, my appt had to be pushed back 1 week. 9 more days.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

17 weeks

Today I am 17 weeks along and feeling SO much better. Yesterday was a dream day. I was able to go to the Zumba class at the gym and stay for the whole thing (60 mins), take Jonas for a walk and make us dinner. Not to mention I got a nap in, laundry done and got called off my night shift! I have nausea on/off but its nowhere near as bad as it was and my body gets tired so much more quickly, I have to sit down a lot more but its fine. I am just so glad to be feeling better.

Last week Colin and I were in CA to celebrate his grandma's 80th birthday. While there we spent a day in Alamo/Danville, San Francisco and the rest of the time we hung out with his family, aunts/uncles, cousins etc. We went to an A's game, did a session in the Oakland temple and ate a lot. It was fun! Glad to be home to our puppy.

My goal's for now while I am feeling good is to try to make the gym 3 days a week (low intensity) and walk Jonas everyday as possible. Also I want to continue eating nutritiously and get plenty of sleep.

I need to start posting some belly shots. I feel big and am completely in maternity clothes now. It seems that I am a lot bigger than I should be for 17 weeks but maybe its because I am short? I don't know. Pictures soon.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

15 week visit

The dr. appt went well. The 5 seconds we got to hear our little ones heartbeat was BLISS! We were so ecstatic! Wish it was longer but I could probably hold the doppler to my tummy all day and not be satisfied. It was so reassuring to hear that our little baby is just growing away.

I have only gained 1 lb with this pregnancy so far, they didn't seem concerned but I still am because I want our baby to get everything he/she needs to be healthy. I still have a hard time eating although it is getting better. I feel like I am forcing food down my throat constantly (totally unlike my pre-prego self). But I eat my fruits, veggies, proteins, carbs and dairy and really don't like sugar and candy so I know what I am eating is quality (except for the french fries I had yesterday, ohh they were good).

I did some baby shopping today and bought some toy/rattle things and the CUTEST rocking horse! The best part was I got it 50% off. Love it!

Our next appt is when we find out the gender! Let me know what your guess is. Is it a Thomas baby girl or a Thomas baby boy?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

15 weeks tomorrow

Tomorrow we go to the doctor! I live for these doctor appts and to be able to hear our little ones heartbeat! Its been 5 weeks since we last went. I was supposed to go last week but had to work and my doctor is only in clinics on Wed, thus the 5 weeks instead of 4. I am SO EXCITED! Its the little things in life really.

Just for the record, I have the best husband in the WORLD! I am so glad he has a job that gives him the flexibility to be able to come to all of the prenatal checkups. It just wouldn't be the same without him.

I am gradually feeling better, some days are still worse then others but its all doable. I have a lot more energy and can walk Jonas without feeling awful now. I am cooking more and eating more.

Update to follow.