Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Full Circle

During my 1st trimester I had nausea 24/7 for about 10 weeks. I lost weight, I couldn't eat much but I did form a friendship with ckn flavored ramon noodles. Now here I am, blogging at 40 weeks (okay 39 6/7 weeks) and the only thing I want for dinner is ckn. flavored ramon noodles! Good thing I bought a whole case at Smith's case lot sale for $3 so I have plenty on hand (yes, disgusting I know, food that cheap can't be good for you). Coming full circle like this must mean I will go into labor any minute now, right?

I had my 40 weeks doctor's visit today. Still only dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced. A little bummed, was hoping for at least a 3. Mama and baby are well. Baby has a strong heartbeat and is moving a lot. I have a great blood pressure, my urine is free from sugars and protein and my swelling is actually going down a little bit.

I think because we did IVF and my day of conception is EXACT my doctor doesn't want me to go past 41 weeks. So I am scheduled for an induction on Feb 2, 2010 which is 2 days prior to 41 weeks. We decided on Feb. 2nd instead of Feb 4th out of conveince since my mom is driving down from N. Dakaota and since I am sick of being pregnant. I kind of feel guilty for getting an induction, like it is selfish on my part and maybe I should give it the full 41 weeks but since its only 2 days sooner I am rationalizing that its okay. I hope she comes on her own before than though just because natural labor is more desirable.

I officially started my 12-weeks maternity leave. What will I do until she comes? I guess I'll go to the library and get myself a good book. I have already read Babywise cover-to-cover and plan on following it. Any suggestions?

parents in waiting!

cute daddy-to-be!

My budda belly! 40 weeks (39 6/7 weeks to be exact)

the almost complete nursery. I still need to hang all the accessories (pictures & shelf), order the rug and my mom will be making the cushions for the glider when she gets here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


On Thursday morning, Jan21st (39 weeks exactly), Colin and I were headed to SLC. The roads were awful with slick, slushy snow. Cars were driving 20 mph. It was scary. Next thing we know we got side swiped by some car who hit the side of the car I was on then spiraled out-of-control in front of our car and hit a police car that happened to be at the side of the road responding to an accident. It all was very slow so the impact of her car on us was VERY minor. It just jolted us a tiny bit - not a big deal. However it messed up the side of our lovely new car - so sad! Anyway, we spent 1 1/2 hour dealing with all the paperwork etc. I then called my doctor's office and they told me I had to come in for observation for 4 - 23 hours depending. They don't take any type of trauma lightly, which I am grateful for. We went home, packed our bags for the hospital figuring they might have to deliver me, made arrangements for Jonas and headed back down the mountain. The roads were better by then.
We spent 5 hours in the hospital and our baby was doing great. She wasn't in any distress whatsoever, so grateful for of course. I was dilated to a 2 and 60% effaced but not having many contractions. My doctor, who I love by the way, said he was looking for any reason to deliver the baby but just couldn't find one so he had to send us home. We were really hoping to have a baby that day but our little girl was and still isn't quite ready to make her big debut.

Last night, after a 12-hour shift, I was driving up Parley's Canyon and it was the worst road conditions I've ever seen, even worse then Thursday morning. Praying 100 mph that I would be able to at least make it to Park City safely, hands death griping the steering wheel the whole time I made it home! It was a very stressful drive as you can imagine which made me start having a lot of contractions. I had contractions for 1 -2 hours then went to bed and slept a GREAT nights sleep. Sadly I woke up with no contractions! I have had a few here and there this morning but nothing consistent! Darn it! haha

My doctor said he will induce me this coming Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat or basically anytime I want but I am going to wait it out as long as I can. I am thinking I will schedule an induction for Feb 1st, 2nd or 3rd if she doesn't come by next Sunday. She gets one more week. By then she will be over 40 weeks. I am hopeful that my body & baby will do their thing when they are ready and hopeful it will be sometime this week so I don't have to be induced.

God has been watching over us so much this week. So much worse could have happened and we are all safe and well. So grateful!

Monday, January 18, 2010

38 5/7 weeks

I want my baby to come! I never could understand when pregnant women would say that and express how ready they were for their baby to come until now. Basically your baby is big, your body is exhausted. On Saturday I came home from a long 12 + hour day of work in tears because my feet and back were in throbbing pain and I was sooooooo tired! I had horrible, shooting back pain throughout the day and was having a few contractions but that all went away after a good nights sleep. Thankfully I sleep pretty well overall. I have 4 more shifts left until I start my maternity leave and am just dreading them. But I will endure because I can.

The main reason I want my baby to come though is because I am just getting anxious to hold her in my arms, to cuddle and snuggle her, to see what she looks like, to name her, to see my amazing husband become a daddy and to play dress-up in all of the adorable clothes she has hanging in her closet! haha Her nursery is 90% finished and ready for her and I must say it is adorable! I couldn't be more happy with the outcome! A big thanks to Colin for putting in the new floors, baseboards, painting (his parents helped with that, so thanks to them too), putting up the crib and bookcase/changing table, hanging the curtain rod, putting up all the accessories and for indulging my every whim in my quest for the perfect nursery. He will definitely be a good daddy for a little girl because he just goes with it and is so sweet about it!

I see the dr in 2 days! One can only hope I start labor RIGHT NOW, but just in case that doesn't happen (hahaha) we'll see what's happening then. Pictures of the nursery and the pregnant swelling mama to come soon! I will have my bag packed ready to go, just in case!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

37 weeks

I am 37 weeks today, full-term! 3 more weeks until her due date. I had a doctor's appt yesterday and am dilated 1 cm and 50% effaced. That basically means it could still be weeks before I am ready for labor, hahaha! But I was excited to hear that I was dialted at any rate. The baby is in blast-off position, head down! So I hope she stays there between now and labor - no breech or transverse riff-raff (aka no c-section I am hoping).
Physically I am ready for her to come. I am extremely exhausted all the time, short of breath a lot, swelling in my face, feet and hands and get shaky and faint if I don't eat every few hours. It makes sense though because our baby is bigger and needs lots of nutrients and being bigger is harder for my body to carry her around. But I am not complaining, just so happy she is healthy, well and full-term! Mentally I just need to gear up for her to come close to her due date or a few days after, that way I won't spend too much time anxiously waiting her arrival over the next few weeks.
We are so excited to finally see her and hold her! On the homestrectch...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

36 5/7 weeks

Our little girl will be here any day! Its crazy and SO exciting! We made it through the holidays and now we are just hustling around getting everything finished and our home in order. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow so we will see whats going on, if anything.

As I have mentioned before we tore out all of the carpet in the upstairs and have been installing new floors and baseboards. It's looking beautiful. All the floor is installed besides the office and Colin has finished the baseboards and paint in the nursery.
our living room with the new floors

As far as the nursery goes we still need to get the curtains up, the area rug ordered, the bed made, and the glider painted. Colin and his parents painted the nursery last week. It is a perfect celery green color, very light but looks beautiful with the thick molding and dark walnut floors. I changed my mind about the bedding again (only the 3rd time) but finally found some pink floral bedding that I adore. I took the price tags off so I can't change my mind anymore. I have all of her clothes and blankets washed and put away. I still need to get the wall hangings up and accessories in.

I am running out of steam but the nesting instinct is strong. I have a long list of things I want to do - organize the pantry, organize all the holiday boxes, deep clean the bathrooms, organize the tupperware drawer, pack the hospital and diaper bag etc. We'll see how much I get done with me working still but I at least want the house in order before I go into labor.
Colin putting some paint colors up, it took me 7 different paint colors before finally deciding on the color her room is now

36 1/2 weeks - Colin took these pictures before our last date as non-parents. We went to Orem and ate Five Guys and Fries and saw Sherlock Holmes.